Challenges in Color - Part 2

In this Part II article, we continue our color journey into the challenges posed in color grading of colored diamonds and present our innovative solutions

Challenges in Color - Part 1

One of the basic daily tasks of every gem expert, whether a trader or a gemologist, is to describe a gem. Some properties may require the aid of more sophisticated measurement equipment. But what about the color description portion?

Exploring the deep sea color of 'Santa Maria' aquamarine

One of the rarest and most expensive varieties of aquamarine are gemstones with a deeply saturated blue color beryl known as "Santa Maria." This article focuses on this rare gem color. In this article, an unusually large Santa Maria Africana-colored aquamarine gemstone, was loaned to Gemewizard® for testing

Feeling blue? Well fancy that!

Blue diamonds were the highlights of last year’s auction scene, with some exceptional gems. Therefore, this seemed like a great opportunity to share how the borders between the fancy grades for blue colored diamonds are determined.

What is Gemewizard?

Gemewizard® is a pioneer in the development of digital color based systems, which provide solutions for professionals involved in the fancy colored diamonds, colored gemstones and jewelry industries, enabling the analysis, description, communication, pricing and trading of color in gems.

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