Colored Diamond Grading Course

Colored Diamond Grading Course

The Colored Diamonds Grading course is the first-ever course dealing with the grading and evaluation of colored diamonds in the gem and jewelry trade. It is ideally designed for gemology graduates to gain valuable information, curated by a few players in the industry, thus facilitating and accelerating an individual integration process into the colored diamond business world. Graduates of the course will understand and be proficient at defining, grading, evaluating and pricing of colored diamonds.

Yellow, pink and orange colored diamonds
Yellow, pink and orange colored diamonds

Imagine sky rocketing your experience in the colored diamond business world, as if you were selling these gems for years. This is what the colored diamond grading course will actually mean for you. This course will introduce you to the fascinating and vivid world of fancy colored diamonds and explain how to distinguish their quality and determine their value. This course will also acquaint you with some of the most advanced and revolutionary digital color communication online tools for defining, grading and pricing of colored diamonds, powered by Gemewizard®. Using the significant database of real diamond online images, and with the assistance of an actual diamond-like sample kit, students will be able to practice sorting and pricing based on up-to-date prices, at a level that in real life would take them years to achieve. It is a highly recommended course for any gemology graduate with a relation to the diamond business, providing you with the needed knowledge and skills.

Students will receive:

  • A fully illustrated Colored Diamonds Grading course notes.

  • Access to the online course materials, including hundreds of colored diamond images, sorted by quality.

  • Access to above 100 online exercises of quality sorting, fancy grading and price calculations.

  • A student gem kit comprising 25 CZ gem samples, depicting important colors and grades of colored diamonds. (The kit remains with the student after the course and can be used as a color master ruler)

  • A 1-year free subscription to All Gemewizard products, including GemePrice™ - an online pricing system and pricelist for diamonds and gemstones.

Screenshots from the course (click to enlarge)

Digital and printed materials with color illustrations Extensive tutorial video library

Digital and printed materials with color illustrations

Extensive tutorial video library

The student will learn:

  • Colored diamond definition borders for the all available colors, including different perceptions and preferences of each market around the world.

  • The potential effect of of diamond attributes, such as color, clarity, and cut, on the colored diamond's price in the world trade.

  • The evaluation techniques commonly used by the diamond trade.

  • The effect of other factors, such as enhancements, optical phenomena and size, on the grading and pricing of the diamond.

  • How to use the Gemewizard online tools for color communication, grading and pricing of diamonds.

  • How to grade colored diamonds against actual and digital master rulers.

Screenshots from the course (click to enlarge)

Online practical sorting exercise Student Gem kit for practicing on grading of actual gems

Online practical sorting exercise

Student Gem kit for practicing on grading of actual gems

Taking the Colored Diamonds Grading course offers an essential upgrade to one's career in the diamond world. The knowledge and skills provided within the course will allow the student to grade a colored diamond's quality and price it accordingly.
The Colored Stones Grading course is suitable for all gemology and/or diamond grading graduates who wish to join the gem trade world, or who are current members of the trade and wish to enhance their knowledge. If you intend to pursue a career in buying, selling, auctioning or valuing colored diamonds, then this is the course for you.


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